Helping Authors Define Their Visual Brand

fall in love with your visual story

Professionally Prepared

Let your visuals set the stage. Deliver an emotional promise to your niche audience through colours, fonts, patterns, logo and icons. Develop a branding board that you print out and frame. This time saving reference can shared with your VA or other hired professionals.

Value in the Marketplace

Good branding can make a big impact on your bottom line. Don’t let others define your brand, provide your audience and the media the experience that you develop.

Media Kits

Be media ready. Don’t let others define your brand, provide your readers and the media the experience that you develop. Create supporting author materials such as handouts and a media kit. Make it easy to be interviewed or featured by media by supplying information they need upfront in order to make you look like an expert.

One Sheet
Author Bios
Book Excerpt and Contact Sheet
Suggested Interview Questions & Answers
Endorsements and Reviews
Media Kit Images
Book Announcement Press Release

Media Kit content is provided by the author.
This is a design/layout service.
Investment: $1,500 USD
Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Branding Deliverables

Professional brand design provides you with a consistent visual identity that captures the essence of you and your business, that appeals to your ideal clients and makes you stand out from the rest.

Branding Questionnaire to help define your brand
3 Skype/Zoom review sessions
Moodboard creation
Custom colour palettes
Custom logo
2 alternative logo designs
1 - 3 Textures and patterns
5 - Graphics or photos royalty-free for commercial use
Font combinations - Header, body and accent
Full branding style board

Investment:  $2,500 USD
Timeline: 2-3 weeks

This service is perfect for a new business that needs the complete branding experience or an established business that is looking to rebrand.

standout by fitting in

Print Collateral

Take your newly styled brand identity and apply it to your generic, seasonal or for a specific promotion.

Business Card - double-sided
Label or sticker

Branding top-up 2 Choices Investment: $500 USD Timeline: 1-2 weeks

Digital Collateral

1 Custom Facebook Ad
3 Custom Instagram posts
2 Custom Pinterest posts

Campaign featuring 2 choices Investment: $500 USD Timeline: 2-3 weeks

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