Interactive Bee Media’s first enhanced publication, How to Say Cheese, is a multi-touch and interactive iBook made especially for the iPad. This visually engaging eBook about fine cheese is the winner of 12 international awards, including iBook Author Conferences’ Book of the Year.

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I didn't know what to expect when professionally branding my business, but I knew I had to let go and trust an expert. What absolutely impressed me was how well Bee understood my brand and who I was serving. Overall, I had an incredible experience working with Bee whose work and work ethic exceeded my expectations.
I will definitely use her services again in the future.
Jenn Kosh
Love Matters

The brand design Experience

Define and control your brand. Deliver on that emotional promise to your niche audience. Research your competitors to understand how what you offer is unique.

Understand your user experience

Don’t let others define your brand, provide your readers and the media the experience that you develop. Create supporting author materials such as handouts and a media kit. Make it easy to be interviewed or featured by media by supplying information they need upfront in order to make you look like an expert.


Together we create a branding toolkit that contains your fonts, colours, patterns and graphics. Save precious time and have a consistent look when you create social media posts or share with your VA and other professional contractors. 

fall in love with your visual story

Define Your Audience

Create your brand and ebook around your niche keywords and expertise. Define your reader by creating
a profile or avatar. You are more likely to attract enthusiastic and like-minded readers into fans who will rave about your work.

Professional Branding

Let your visuals set the stage. Deliver an emotional promise to your niche audience through colours, fonts, patterns, logo and icons. Develop a branding board that you print out and frame. This time-saving reference can be shared with your VA or other hired professionals.

Define Your Assets

Create a stunning eBook interior that matches your branding assets. Be seen as an expert with consistent visuals and content layout. Your mix of photos, video and audio create more than story, done right, they provide an emotional experience.

eBook Development

Beyond words on a page, eBooks that contain video, audio and interactive widgets will engage and connect your readers in a way that is not possible with print. Imagine your readers sharing specific hashtags from their Twitter posts or Instagram feeds within your book.


It has never been easier to create a brand and tell your digital story

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