I enhance event experiences through smart technology.

I help event organizers brand and create customized interactions that connect to their participant’s smartphones or tablets with beacon technology.

  • Where attendees rave about fast and easy event check-ins
  • Exhibitors love that they can instantly capture leads and share digital promotional materials saving our planet and making more sales. 
  • Sponsors time sensitive offerings and real-time participant analytics  

I believe that the cultivation of technology and personalized connectivity is the future. How we conduct business is changing rapidly. To see steady growth in any organization is to understand and stay on top your customers marketing challenges.

The spray and pray method is not effective. Centralizing the technology process in a unified and consistent requires personalized support and a clear roadmap.

At Interactive Bee Media, we have matured so much in the last three years both in the products that we build and the technology we are able to have at our fingertips – the possibilities are endless.


Our primary objective is creating a streamlined and consistent experience for our customers. New innovations in beacon technology using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, now and in the future, will change how we interact.

Businesses with high foot traffic will benefit from beacon technology.

Personalize communications can build trust to encourage shoppers/users to take immediate action. Customized and timed push mobile connections will help retailers, hotels, museum exhibits and conference events.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how beacon technology could work for your business or next event.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Estimote
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